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By Wendy Kout
Directed by Jesse Bernstein

In Association With:


Theatre Ariel is thrilled and honored to be touring Survivors by Wendy Kout to Philadelphia-area schools. This one-act play tells the true story of the experiences of ten Jewish children and teenagers in Europe during the Holocaust. It is a tale of resilience and persistence in the face of bigotry, xenophobia and violence. Even as it recounts the past, the stories of these survivors resonates in the present. Survivors reminds students – and us – that hatred is never OK, that we must never take our freedom for granted, and that we must fight to maintain our dignity.

"Never is Now" 

Download the Survivors Study Guide

Commissioned, developed and produced by CenterStage Theatre of the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester,

Ralph Meranto Artistic Director

Presented by special arrangement with CentreStage Theatre at the Louis Wolk Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester.

What are people saying about Survivors



The impact the play had on these students was palpable at every show.


Here are a few of the responses from the students and teachers:

“It was inspiring.”

“You're telling the story of those who can't anymore, as well as helping other people see the hope in their situation and ask for the help they deserve.”


"I am glad that you came to our school and presented that beautiful play. I've learned a lot more than I would have if I was just reading about it in class.”


“Just absolutely mind-blowing.”


“May it be Holocaust or the invasion of Ukraine, each generation faces problems. The past may have the key to the future. Why learn from the past? Why learn from the Holocaust? Simple. Because history repeats itself.”


“Amazing. Thank you so much.”

Wendy Kout

[PLAYWRIGHT] I write and produce in various media with a sense of humor, heart, heartbreak, and hope. I write about the present and the past, sometimes weaving them and sometimes weaving comedy and drama. I identify as a cisgender woman (she/her/hers), and as a political progressive (we/us/ours). I don’t preach or profess to have answers. I ask questions. I’m Jewish. It’s genetic. And I protest. Personally and professionally, I fight and write for social, economic, inclusive and global justice for all.

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