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About Theatre Ariel

Our Mission 

Theatre Ariel presents professional performances of new and established plays inspired by the past, present, and future of the Jewish experience – its heritage and humor, struggles and triumphs, ethics and intersections. Through our focus on the specific, we illuminate the universal. Our performances entertain, educate, and enrich audiences in intimate communal settings unique to our region’s cultural life. Theatre Ariel welcomes everyone to engage with our shows as a catalyst for exciting, thought-provoking discourse.

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Our Values 

As Philadelphia’s only professional theatre devoted to telling Jewish stories, Theatre Ariel values:


CommunityWe aim to be an integral part of our region’s cultural life. We seek collaborations with a wide range of institutions and view these connections as integral to building allyship and fostering community.

Professionalism: We commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our work. This commitment includes fairly compensating our staff and artists, and creating an empowering space for our staff, our artists and our audiences.

Universality: We operate under the assumption that you do not have to be Jewish to love Jewish theatre and we strive to be a source of inspiration for all.

Learning: We affirm that the conversation that happens around and about the play educates and inspires our audiences as much as the play itself. We encourage and facilitate those discussions through talkbacks and other programming.

Innovation: We embrace a spirit of openness, flexibility, and innovation to respond to our ever-changing world.and envisions the future.

Diversity: We believe in the importance of celebrating the complexity and diversity of the Jewish people, and of the communities in which we live. This belief is reflected in the stories we tell, the artists we employ and the audiences we engage.

Our Work

Theatre Ariel presents wide-ranging programming – dramas, comedies, solo-performances and special programs – primarily in a “Salon Theatre” setting. This format is “theatre without distractions” that provides an accessible entryway into the theatrical experience for both seasoned and novice theatregoers. The intimate settings and lack of barriers between performers and audience help create a sense of community and connection.


Post-performance talkbacks and conversation are an integral feature of Theatre Ariel’s work. The themes and challenges raised by our plays are the starting point for our engagement with our audience. The show doesn’t end until the audience stops talking about it.

Our Plan

Beginning with the 2022 - 2023 season, Theatre Ariel is launching a new, five-year strategic plan. Our goals are designed to meet our mission, fulfil our values, and ensure our organization's long-term financial and artistic health -- as well as meet the ever-changing needs of our audience.  Specifically, our major goals are to:


  • Become recognized as one of the foremost professional Jewish theatre companies in the country. 


  • Entertain and enlighten a growing and diverse audience while expanding our impact in our region's Jewish and cultural life.


  • Support our work with a full-time staff, a more diversified Board of Directors, a strengthened donor base and nurtured artistic pool.


  • Build bridges of connection and understanding with complimentary organizations to foster deeper insight into the Jewish experience, our community, and one another.  

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