Why Jewish Theatre

“Whenever I am asked why I sing Jewish songs, I am moved to reply that I do not believe that the Jewish song is better than the song of my neighbor; I sing it because it is mine. In the world of theatre there are others who from time to time do Jewish-themed plays; they may even do it well. But this is us, our turf, our theatre; we do it because it is we who were entrusted with its guardianship.”

– Theodore Bikel, Actor, Singer (2007 Keynote Address, Association of Jewish Theatre

Theater is a mirror that draws people to return for another glance, performance after performance, year after year, generation after generation. We create Jewish theater because it is a mirror to our culture, our history, and our people. Jewish Theater is a mirror to the Jewish soul.

Like a mirror our theater must reveal, expose and draw us in for a closer look at the beauty and the blemishes of who we are and whom we touch. Our challenge is to move the mirror to different walls – to catch a new image, find a new angle reflecting those within our community and those outside it.  From those reflected images we can probe and present the essences of Jewish being in its many iterations of time and place and its interaction with others


From the particular of the Jewish story comes universal meaning for all.  From the Jewish story we reveal our shared human emotions and lessons for the future of humanity. This is the mirror that Theatre Ariel seeks to present through our writers, our work.

“ The power of the art of theatre is that it does two contradictory things: on one hand it turns reality into dreams, takes a gray piece of life and transcends it to a higher, poetic transforms the dream into a reality.” 

-Haim Nachman Bialik

Jewish Theatre for All People
From the particular comes universal meaning for ALL





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