JUNE 2019

 Join Theatre Ariel’s Artistic Director Deborah Baer Mozes on a unique, up close and personal, arts and culture tour of Israel. IsrArts is rooted in the Cultural Zionist vision of a nation with its own culture, language and historical foundation. Through workshops, performances and walking tours we will experience the best of Israeli theatre, dance, music, literature, galleries, craft markets, film, food, and wine. 

  • Take an Art tour of Jerusalem’s Old City 

  • Get a sneak preview of a Jerusalem cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary arts Festival 

  • Enter into the podcast world of Israel Story 

  • Tour Jaffe with an Israeli hiphop musician

  • Play along with Haifa’s Peace Drums Project 

  • Visit Vertigo Dance Company’s EcoVillage 

  • See theatre performances in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, with exclusive talkbacks with actor and directors 

  • And so much more!!!! 

 For tour itinerary, details and to register: www.mejditours.com/opentour/isrArts 

 Artwork “Ayalon Highway” by Raphael Perez 

 Enter into the soul of Israel’s cultural, ethnic and religious diversity through the lens of its arts and culture. 

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