Theatre Ariel's mission is to illuminate the rich social, cultural, and spiritual heritage of the Jewish People. We strive to entertain, enrich and educate audiences of all ages and cultures through the telling of Jewish Stories, celebrating the laughter and lessons of the shared human experience. 

The Work

To create and produce new and established works reflecting on the global Jewish experience.

To serve as a prism through which audiences can view the varied colors of the American Jewish experience. 

To present Jewish dramatic literature that explores faith, family, identity, community, history, and more to offer universal insight into culture and life. 

To draw inspirations from ancient stories, bringing contemporary insight to classic Jewish texts. 

To reflect on the past, examine the present and envision the future.


Performances and Programming

SALON ARIEL | Theatre, Dessert, & Conversation  

Take a trip away from the stage to experience theatre in the intimate setting of a home! This exciting opportunity brings theatre inside beautiful houses around the Philadelphia Area. SALON ARIEL evenings are unique, personal, and thought-provoking. Every SALON ARIEL program offers engaging performances, great conversation, and delicious food. Please click here to access our current season and ticketing information.    

In 1800’s Eastern Europe, Jewish parlors became salons where reading plays aloud was a newly fashionable way to spend an evening. We feel the same way now! Check out the newly fashionable way to spend your evening at SALON ARIEL.                

SCHOLAR-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM | For Synagogues and Cultural Centers

A new take on the traditional scholar-in-residence program that combines interactive lectures, theatrical performances, and site specific workshops tailored for your participants. To access further information please click here.

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