Salon #4: The SCRIBE written and performed by Jesse Bernstein

Saturday, April 25, 8 PM  - Wynnewood

Sunday, April 26, 7 PM  - Wynnewood

Saturday, May 2, 8 PM - Wynnewood

Sunday, May 3, 7 PM - Penn Valley

A long-dead Scribe begins his yearly recitation of the Torah to a host of angels. But even 2,500 years after he compiled that sacred text, the Scribe wrestles with its genesis: the stories and laws he almost left out; the pressure to meet Nehemiah's deadlines; the bickering of the Levites and Aaronites; all while his boss, Ezra, refuses to help (but is happy to take the credit). The Scribe tries to come to grips with the legacy of his work -- a bestseller, no less! -- and the consequences of his having been the human mind that organized the word of God. From the actor/playwright of last season’s hit The Ethics of The Fathers AKA The Gangster & the Grandpa comes a thoughtful, witty, irreverent, soul searching new work. 

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